Cultural Intelligence for Better Teams

In today's economy teams have become the critical component for success. 

Research has repeatedly showed that the most innovative and creative teams are the most diverse teams, who bring the full weight of their differences to the work environment.

So why isn’t everyone doing it?

Because if you have a truly diverse team, you are going to have to adapt to unfamiliar beliefs, values and world-views, and that isn’t always comfortable. 

Every team member can have the ability to lean into that discomfort and welcome the different ways of thinking, communicating and problem solving that comes with a diverse team. 

Every manager can have the inbuilt skill-set to be able to lead those team members effectively or to cope with the uncomfortable challenges.

That's the good news. There is a proven tool that managers can develop to increase their effectiveness, confidence and performance in situations of diversity.

It’s called cultural intelligence.

It’s not something that you have to be born with and doesn’t require global experience. Instead, it’s something that can be learned, developed and honed with skilled training and coaching.

Our Cultural Intelligence for Better Teams workshops do just that.  They increase each team member’s CQ and enable a better team overall.  Better communication, better problem solving and innovation, better use of strengths, better focus on goals.

Designed by Trisha Carter, Organisational Psychologist and one of the first Certified Cultural Intelligence Facilitators, Trisha has been helping leaders build better teams for over fifteen years. In different industries, in corporate and government circles, with lawyers, accountants, economists, engineers, factory and office workers, she is respected for her knowledge and facilitation skill. 

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