Cultural Intelligence -skills to succeed in the global workplace

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is critical in today's world.  For leaders and global teams, for expats /migrants and their families moving overseas, for those in multi-cultural workforces or serving global markets, we all need to operate well regardless of who we are dealing with. 

Trans Cultural Careers recognises these opportunities and provides assessment, training and coaching services that enable people to be successful wherever they are working.

On our website you will find information on our core services:

Our cultural training programs are designed to increase Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and can be designed to meet many needs.   Read More

Research has repeatedly showed that the most innovative and creative teams are the most diverse teams, who bring the full weight of their differences to the work environment. Read More

Executives moving to Australia from countries culturally similar are often surprised at some of the more subtle differences that exist. Read More

Partners, or spouses, are critical for the success of an overseas assignment.  Research repeatedly shows that the most common reasons for early return are those relating to partner or family issues. Read More 

At Trans Cultural Careers we believe the workplace is changing in exciting ways bringing opportunities to work with different cultures and markets, opportunities to travel and live in new locations.  We believe that the advantages gained through this diversity are massive, for the individual, the organisation and for the world.  We also understand that it's not always easy.  But the skills can be learned and that's how we can help.