Cross Cultural Training and Coaching

Our cultural training and coaching programs are designed to increase Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and can be designed to meet many needs.

Increasing Cultural Intelligence for....

These programs are Country Focused and consider the CQ Knowledge needed for a specific country.  The program can be adapted for a group, an individual or a family.    For those moving to live in the country, the training will also cover adjusting to living in the new location and managing the challenges and opportunities to build a flourishing life.  

CQ Assessments can be added to provide the trainees with a picture of their CQ Strengths and their personal values.  See the sample program below.

Increasing CQ for Teams

Multi-cultural teams based in one location or global teams spread around the world offer great potential from the diversity of their cultural backgrounds.  For that diversity to be successful the team members need Cultural Intelligence.

Our training for teams delivers a CQ assessment so each individual can identify their CQ strengths, be aware of their personal values and have an opportunity to learn from team members about their values and strengths.


Cross Cultural and Transition Coaching 

A range of coaching programs are available to meet different needs.

Transition coaching can assist with enabling your executives to adapt well to new roles, quickly becoming proficient in a new role, and /or new location.

Executive coaching can assist with leading and managing effectively in a different culture, leading a global team or a virtual team.  

Expatriate coaching programs can be used to reinforce and support training, or where the coachee is already in the new location.   The coaching situation provides an opportunity to discuss situations of cultural challenge or confusion and the strategies used to manage the situations. All aspects of the work challenges, CQ, resilience, change management skills and family issues can be discussed and goals set to work through the adaptation and increase success in the new environment.

Coaching can be face-to-face in Sydney or through telephone or Skype connections such coaching can be provided to any location in the world. 

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