About Us

Philosophy and Values

Trans Cultural Careers believes in the value of humanity and recognizes the validity of all cultures. We acknowledge the individual value systems of our trainees and treat them with respect, while creating, and increasing, an awareness of alternate value systems. We recognize the critical role of psychological factors in an international relocation.   Attitudes and mind-set, stress management skills, transition management experience and active coping skills are key aspects considered in all our Programs. We consider the needs and concerns of all family members involved in relocation and recognize the critical role of partners in successful relocating internationally.

How we started

Having relocated twice internationally, firstly between countries of low cultural distance (New Zealand and Australia) and secondly between countries with a high cultural distance (Australia and China) Trisha Carter saw the value of Cross Cultural preparation prior to the move.  She also recognized the potential for trained Psychologists to bring depth to the area of Cross Cultural Training and the need to work within the family unit as well as in depth training identifying potential workplace and management issues. Drawing on her experience in Human Resources, Learning and Development and Change Management, as well as her International experience Trisha has developed programs to meet the challenge for employees to ’hit the ground running’ as well as stay the distance and achieve the goals for the assignment, while maintaining positive family relationships and high levels of cultural awareness.   Trans Cultural Careers delivers those programs for a range of corporate clients.


Trisha Carter is a Registered Psychologist with a Masters degree majoring in organisational psychology from the University of Canterbury (NZ) working with a focus on cross-cultural psychology. Having worked in HR and in the global mobility industry and lived and worked in New Zealand, China and now Australia she understands the challenges organisations face as they move their employees globally while balancing cost and performance outcomes. Her focus on building Cultural Intelligence and her accreditation as a CQ facilitator enables her to bring recent evidence-based content to training, coaching and consulting situations. Successful global assignments, effective diverse teams and strong global managers are the focus of her work. Trisha is based in Sydney. She delivers services throughout Australia to corporate and government organisations and has trained and presented to groups in New Zealand, China and the USA.

Leonie Elphinstone is a Registered Psychologist with a specialisation in cross-cultural training and a background in Human Resources Management. She has many years' experience in a variety of settings including education and training. Leonie has lived overseas as an expatriate, in various locations, including 5 years in Latin America. Leonie has extensive experience working with clients from all over the world with English and non- English speaking backgrounds and regularly works with managers, supervisors and teams wishing to maximise the benefits of multicultural interactions. She has a postgraduate degree in International Human Resources Management and currently lectures part-time in Cross-cultural Awareness and Negotiation at Universities in Brisbane. Leonie has published articles in a variety of international magazines and local professional journals and she frequently presents to conferences and professional groups on these and related areas. Leonie is based in Brisbane and provides services to clients throughout Queensland and all other states of Australia.

About our Logo

Trans Cultural Careers: Cross Cultural Training - Cross Cultural Coaching

The logo for Trans Cultural Careers draws inspiration from a Maori symbol; the koru.  The koru is inspired by the uncurling fern frond.  It is often associated with positive change, new growth, and new beginnings and incorporates the values of peace and tranquility.